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Albertina (Tineke) Nugteren is an Indologist/South Asia specialist by training.
She works as a Religious Studies lecturer and researcher at Tilburg University,
the Netherlands.

She is an expert on Indian religions, both in their historical forms and in various contemporary manifestations.


In her educational activities she focuses on the various academic ways in which religious phenomena are under investigation, and what approaches are being taken to analyse and explain both the diversity that occurs within a particular religion (intra-religious diversity) and between various religions (inter-religious diversity).


In her research activities, which always have a certain emphasis on the study of ritual, she presently focuses on two main areas: the relation between religion and nature, and the processes of continuity, adaptation and revitalisation in diaspora Hinduism.


Also, she is engaged in procedures of coordination, support, and quality enhancement of educational programmes, both at the departmental (DCU, Department of Culture Studies) and the faculty level (TSH, Tilburg School of Humanities). More …


Dr. A. Nugteren
Associate Professor Religion & Ritual
Department of Culture Studies
Tilburg School of Humanities
Tilburg University
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

The Netherlands