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Albertina Nugteren’s current tuition covers the following domains:

  1. General: introductory courses into the presence of religion in contemporary societies; academic ways in which religion and religiosity are being investigated; and intra-religious as well as inter-religious diversity in today’s multicultural and superdiverse societies
  2. Specific: introductory courses in Hinduism and Buddhism, both in their historical and contemporary manifestations, and located both in their areas of origin in Asia and in their diaspora settings
  3. Specific: the study of religious behaviour, particularly in the form of ritual behaviour (rites/rituals, festivities, the symbolic order, techniques of reflection and meditation, the experience of the sacred in nature, changing iconography, the spatial dimension of religion) and in the form of sensory expressions and experiences (with special emphasis on body, bodiliness, and the senses)



Dr. A. Nugteren presently teaches the following courses:

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In Dutch: