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Hinduism: Past and Present

Hinduism: Past and Present (Garant: Leuven/Apeldoorn, 1992, 151 pp.) and a second, revised, and enlarged edition (Garant: Antwerp, 2005, 224 pp.), both available in Dutch only


The term ‘Hinduism’ is the contested cover-all term for the major socio-religious system of the Vedic-Hindu continuum

It indicates a variety of traditions that still determine the way of life for the majority of nearly a billion Hindus worldwide.


In this revised, enlarged, and updated second edition the reader is introduced to Hinduism through three steps:

(1) the origins, (2) growth, change, continuity and processes of stabilisation, (3) Hinduism in contemporary India and abroad.


In her treatment the author gives scant attention to the origins of those ideas which form the basis of religious and philosophical positions as they became classical over time, and as they maintained their relevance and validity up to the present moment. But some specifically contemporary issues are covered as well, such as Hindu nationalism, environmental problems, Hindus abroad, and bio-ethical controversies.


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