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Rituals around the Bodhi-tree

‘Rituals around the Bodhi-tree in Bodhgayā, India’,
in Pluralism & Identity. Studies in Ritual Behaviour.
Edited by Jan Platvoet & Karel van der Toorn
(Brill: Leiden, 1995), pp. 145-165.


In this article Albertina Nugteren introduces rituals around the bodhi-tree in Bodhgayā. She researches how this sacred place, where the Buddha is said to have found full enlightenment, went through periods of fame and decline, religious conflict, neglect, re-appropriation, and both intra-religious and inter-religious diversity.


Her special attention is on the tree, however. She describes the narratives connected with this tree and its fabled ancestor, the original pipal tree under which the Buddha is said to have meditated, and explores the differences between the rituals performed there by Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims.

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