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Disaster Rituals

Disaster Rituals. Explorations of an emerging Repertoire.

Dutch edition, together with Paul Post and Hessel Zondag (Gooi en Sticht: Kampen, 2002, 267 pp), and an enlarged English edition, together with P. Post, R.I. Grimes,

P. Petterson, and H. Zondag (Peeters: Louvain/Paris/Dudley, MA, 2003, 301 pp.)


This book is a first exploration of those rituals after disasters which emerged particularly in the 1990s. From the case studies in the Netherlands a strikingly coherent and well-organised repertoire comes to light.


This study looks at disaster rituals from the perspective of contemporary ritual dynamics. First, some central concepts of disaster and ritual are defined. Next follows an assessment, first in general  through a survey of those disasters that took place in the period under survey, and then on the basis of five Dutch cases, and two international case studies (the Estonia ferryboat disaster, and September 11, 2001).


The book concludes with two contextual and analytic chapters in which the elements particular to disaster rituals in that period are related to a more general context of  shifts and changes in contemporary ritual practice.

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